Grants Procedures

Who May Apply

The Community Foundation welcomes applications from organizations that provide services in our area of coverage (McLean,Livingston, DeWitt andLoganCountiesand adjacent parts of Woodford, Tazewell, LaSalle, Piatt, andFordCounties). Applicants must have tax-exempt status under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code, operate under a fiscal agent that is a 501 (c) 3 organization, or be a local unit of local, county, state or federal government.

Submitting a Letter of Intent

Submit via email, if possible, the Grant Application Cover Sheet and a one- to two-page Letter of Intent explaining the project/program.  The Letter of Intent should include

  • a description of the project/program,
  • why you believe a grant will be of benefit to your organization and to the community,
  • the amount of your request,
  • how the money will be used.

We will acknowledge receipt of all Letters of Intent by email to the contact person listed on the cover sheet.

Once the Grants Committee has reviewed all Letters of Intent, we will let you know whether or not to submit a full grant application.

Submitting a Full Grant Application

If your organization’s Letter of Intent is selected, you are invited to submit a full grant application of no more than five (5) typewritten pages that should include  the following elements in the order they are listed below:

  • Summary statement
  • Objectives and outcome goals of the program/project
  • Specific activities that will be used to accomplish the objectives
  • The need for the project in the community
  • The estimated number of people the program will serve
  • The methods and timeline for evaluating the program/project’s objectives and outcomes
  • A detailed total budget of the program/project to be funded
  • The amount requested, detailing the line items of the total budget to be funded
  • Qualifications of key personnel and evidence of organizational capacity to complete the proposed project
  • How or if the project would proceed with partial funding
  • How Illinois Prairie Community Foundation will be recognized

In addition, the following must be included:

  • Grant Application Cover Sheet – ONLY if pertinent information has changed since the Letter of Intent was submitted
  • The location where we may find the latest financial report or IRS form 990 (organization’s website, Guidestar, etc.) OR a statement that you will make available a copy of your organization’s Form 990 upon our request. Please do not send your Form 990 with your grant application
  • Recent grants received and applications pending with expected notification dates
  • Board of Directors and Officers with their principal occupations and contact information

Review the 2013 Grants Timeline for application deadlines.  We will acknowledge receipt of all full grant applications by email to the contact person listed on the cover sheet.