IPCF Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds allow donors to make suggestions for charitable distributions to meet current needs.  Illinois Prairie Community Foundation works with the following Donor Advised Fund holders.

Kenneth and Laura Berk Fund
Richard and Penny Boser Fund
Larry and Carroll Bross Fund
John and Linda Chizmar Fund
Dude Fund
Dale and Melinda Egeberg Fund
Tom and Kathleen Eimermann Fund
Wayne and Marilyn Ericson Fund
Fell Foundation Fund
Deanna Frautschi/Al Bedell Fund
George and Myra Gordon Fund
John Groves Fund
Paul and Sandra Harmon Fund and Endowment Fund
Hammitt Family Fund
Heartland Bank and Trust Company – Community Support Fund
Timothy and Kay Harbers Fund
Hart Fund
Neal and Dianna Hart Fund
Haushalter Family Fund
Susan Hoblit Family Endowed Fund
Thomas and Ellen Howe Fund
Robert and Deanna Hunt Fund
Roger and Mary Hunt Fund
Wendy and Tim Ives Fund
David and Pearle Jeffries Fund
Miriam Lapham Fund
John Maitland Fund
Monti Family Fund
O’Connell Family Giving Fund
Ann E. Nolte Fund and Endowment Fund
RCW Earthcare Fund
Earl and Carol Reitan Fund
Jerry and Carole Ringer Fund
Charles Rohrbaugh Fund
Sender Family Fund
John and Nancy Stevens Fund
Sticklewort Fund
Jerry and Judy Stone Fund
Stroyan Fund
Tanton Fund
Marilyn Townley Fund
Ve La Er Ti Br Veal Fund
Phylis VerSteegh Fund
Vogelsinger Family Fund
Charline and Richard Watts Fund
Elizabeth Weir Fund and Endowment Fund
David and Kay Williams Fund
Jim and Madge Williams Fund
Winkent Fund
Dorothy Witte Fund
Ruel and Judy Wright Fund
Zimmerman Family Fund