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Ken and Laura Berk Fund

Bloomington Cultural District Capital Campaign Fund

Bloomington-Normal Tennis Association Fund

Charles and Maxine Bolen Fund

Larry and Carroll Bross Fund

Ruth Carey Endowed Education Fund

John and Linda Chizmar Fund

Community Works Endowment Fund

Conexiones Latinas de McLean County

David Davis Mansion Endowment Fund

Dude Fund

Edible Economy Project Fund

Dale and Melinda Egeberg Fund

Tom and Kathleen Eimermann Fund

Endow Atlanta Fund

Wayne and Marilyn Ericson Fund

Fell Foundation Endowment Fund

Deanna Frautschi/Al Bedell Fund

Frautschi Scholarship Fund

Goldschmidt-Wyman Fund

George and Myra Gordon Fund

Gordon Performing Arts Endowment Fund

John Groves Fund

Hammitt Family Fund

Timothy and Kay Harbers Fund

Robert Hardesty Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert Hardesty Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hart Weldon Fund

Neal and Dianna Hart Fund

Harvest of Hope Fund

Haushalter Family Fund

Heartland Bank and Trust – Community Support Fund 

Heartland Local Food Network Fund

Heartland Theatre Fund

Heyworth Summer League Fund

Hilfinger Performing Arts Endowment Fund

Hilfinger Youth Tennis Scholarship Fund

Susan Hoblit Family Fund

Robert and Deanna Hunt Fund

IPCF Administrative Endowment Fund

IPCF Annual Campaign Fund

IPCF Arts and Culture Endowment Fund

IPCF Education Endowment Fund

IPCF Green Endowment Fund

IPCF Health and Wellness Endowment Fund

IPCF Human Services Endowment Fund

IPCF Non-Endowed Fund (Formerly Community Needs Fund and Founders Fund)

Wendy and Tim Ives Fund

Ives Family Youth Endowed Fund

David and Pearle Jeffries Fund

Jewish Charities Fund

John Wesley Powell Audubon Society Endowed Fund

James and Gale Keeran Performing Arts Endowment Fund

Robert Koos Fund for the Community Health Care Clinic

Terry and Mary Ramah Kuper Fund

Helen Lage Fund

Terry and Mary Lapham Fund

LeRoy Kiwanis Club Fund

Connie Link Memorial Scholarship Fund

John and Joanne Maitland Fund

McLean County Aids Task Force Fund

McLean County Diversity Project Fund

McLean County Medical Society Alliance Charitable Fund

McLean County Recovery Court Advisory Board Fund

Mid-Central Community Action Agency Endowed Fund

Jerome Mirza Arts and Culture Fund

Monti Family Fund

Virginia Mosbacher Scholarship Fund 

Multicultural Leadership Program Fund

Ann E. Nolte Fund

 Ann E. Nolte Endowed Fund

Normal Kiwanis Club Fund

Nursing Legacy Fund

O’Connell Family Fund

Penguin Project Fund

Poetry Place Endowed Fund

Earl and Carol Reitan Fund

Jerry and Carole Ringer Fund

Ringer Community Endowed Fund

Charles Rohrbaugh Fund

Sheridan School Poetry Place Endowment

State Farm Classic Organizing Group Charitable Fund

John and Nancy Stevens Fund

Sticklewort Fund

Jerry and Judy Stone Fund

Richard and Susan Stroyan Fund

Laura Sullivan Endowed Arts and Culture Fund

Laura Sullivan Endowed Health and Wellness Fund

Tanton Fund

Marilyn Townley Fund

RCW Treadway Earthcare Fund

Triopia High School Scholarship Fund

UNITY Community Center Fund

Phillis VerSteegh Fund

Vogelsinger Family Fund

Charline and Richard Watts Fund

Elizabeth Weir Fund

Elizabeth Weir Endowed Fund

David and Kay Williams Fund

Jim and Madge Williams Fund

Dorothy Witte Fund

Women to Women Endowed and Pass-Through Funds

Ruel and Judy Wright Fund

Youth Fund at Bloomington High School Endowed Fund

Zimmerman Family Fund