Power of Endowments

Over the years, your endowment gift for the organizations and causes you believe in will do more good than you ever dreamed possible!

Endowed funds are permanent long term resources for the causes and organizations you care about most. Distributions from endowed funds are based on IPCF’s spending policy, so that the fund’s value can remain relatively stable over time while at the same time the fund is providing gifts to charitable organizations or grants in the areas most important to you.

At Illinois Prairie Community Foundation we have several ways you can join us in leaving a legacy for our local area:

  • Create an endowed fund for specific charitable organizations or for a specific field of interest (such as arts and culture or youth).
  • Create an Endowed Donor Advised Fund.
  • Contribute to one of the Community Foundation Field of Interest Endowments which enable the Foundation to provide grants to help local non-profit organizations.

View our Endowment Brochure