Donor Advised Fund

Opening and using a Donor Advised Fund at Illinois Prairie Community Foundation can give you many of the benefits of having your own private foundation without having to have a very large sum of money to start and without having to take care of a lot of legal paperwork each year.

Donor Advised Funds enable donors to have ongoing involvement in the use of charitable gifts to the Community Foundation. Once you have established and funded a donor advised fund, you can use it to make recommendations for gifts to the charities of your choice. Your recommendations must be approved by the Foundation Board. The Foundation takes care of processing your gift and mailing it to the recipient organization. The Foundation also works to make you aware of additional giving opportunities that may interest you.

To learn more about opening a Donor Advised Fund, review Creating and Using a Donor Advised Fund.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss opening a new Donor Advised Fund.  When you are ready to create your fund, use our Donor Information form to provide us the information to create your fund.

If you are already a Donor Advisor at Illinois Prairie Community Foundation, and wish to make a gift from your fund, please print and use the Donor Advised Fund Distribution form. Allow about 10 days for your gifts to be processed.